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Telephone: (517) 204-7555
FAX: (517) 333-2081
Address: 2534 Solar Way, Okemos MI 48864
E-mail: jgilluly@synergists.com
To Live we will be good stewards of our corporate and personal resources. Creating an environment that is professional, clean and orderly, creative, challenging and fun; and developing and maintaining our mind, body and spirit. To Love we will be honest and honor each other while focusing on projects that have a lasting impact in our world. To Learn we will spend time, individually and together, pursuing opportunities to increase our understanding of the world around us. To Leave a Legacy we will fulfill our vision by helping each other remember and live it more each day.

About Synergists, Inc.
Synergists, Inc. was formed in June 1997 as a division of Professional Consultants Plus, Inc. Our name reflects our belief that the best consultants act as catalyst for change and enhance an organizations effectiveness to solve tough business challenges synergistically. Our logo captures this idea. The athletes, one running alongside the other, are supporting each other, lending advice and counsel when appropriate, and always encouragement to meet the challenges on the road ahead.

Our Operating Strategies
* Customer Intimacy. We strive to actively identify where our teams skills create the best value for our customers. We develop a level of trust and communication that often is difficult between departments and organizational levels in a company. We can obtain this level of trustworthiness and intimacy with our clients because we treat their needs as our needs.

* Continuous improvement and continuous learning. We apply the same principles that we coach our clients on in our own organization. First we recognize that our systems have to be world class and focused on sound business principles and second we that each of our team members must actively, continuously strive to increase their knowledge base to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Team
John B. Gilluly - President, CQE, CQM, Lead Auditor, Baldrige Examiner
Roger W. Gareiss - Vice President, Lead Auditor
Tammy A. Harri - Consultant, Lead Auditor, Document Coordinator

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