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Telephone: (517) 204-7555
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Address: 2534 Solar Way, Okemos MI 48864
Synergists, Inc. programmers have been developing Microsoft Access and Visual Basic programs for clients since the initial release of these products in 1991 and 1994! We have helped businesses increase productivity through the design and development of effective, low cost, custom database applications and data collection systems. Our typical clients are small to medium size companies in a wide variety of industries.

Our Approach to Development
It is published that over 46% of all applications that are started in corporations are never completed. This percentage of uncompleted projects is staggering! How can you prevent this in your company and with your application? The answer may seem self-serving, but it is true-hire a professional, proven company like ours to design, develop and deliver your database application and data collection system.

Synergists, Inc. uses a systematic method for delivering custom software that can be scaled for any size application. This process typically includes the following steps based on the project scope:

    Interview users and management to define the project scope and develop a detailed specification. Include any hardware and supporting software needs.
    Define potential long term needs (growth opportunities) and feed them back into the specification definition.
    Make a flow chart for the overall process that the custom application will be supporting. Document data input points, validation points, employee responsibilities, and all output requirements (reports, quality checks, etc.).
    Develop a project schedule and detailed proposal. This proposal will have a not-to-exceed cost amount based on expected hours and our current rate. We only charge for the actual time required to complete a project.
    Get management acceptance for the schedule, proposal amount and any internal resources that will be required to successfully complete the project. Agree on a reporting method and milestones.
    Creation of a working model / prototype of the project. This includes known tables, relationships, and a set of test data. This is generally supported by having the main interface, menus, security system, and report manager implemented.
    Generation of documentation and installation instructions (as required).
    Final tweaking, testing and sign off.

We believe in the value of Shewart's continuous improvement approach (Plan-Do-Check-Act). Each phase completion provides you with a working product, usable with increasingly functionality. This on-going cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act provides for a successful implementation within budget and schedule.

How does the Process begin?
We need to gather a rough specification for the system and do some top level design to get started. If you have already done this- great, if not we will interview you and appropriate staff to gather enough information for a ballpark price and possible schedule. We respect your time and ours, and if we do not see a likely fit / solution we will not waste resources going to the next step. If, collectively, we decide to move forward, the process outlined in 'our approach' will be utilized. (There may be a nominal fee for proceeding through the first 3 steps depending on the size of the project and time required.)

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