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"Employer of Choice Strategies" is a five-step process designed for selecting and keeping employees, people who naturally fit into how an organization runs their business so that the employee continues to "choose" to work for the organization. "Employer of Choice Strategies" is a holistic approach, not an event or just individual incremental steps. Each step has itís own unique purpose and is structured to be in alignment with every other step.

Teach a holistic approach to employee replacement (turnover) and keeping the employee (retention).

To understand that what works for one organization may/or may not work for another.

To help people and their organizations understand one another and to become all they want to be.

To show how an organization can position itself as an "Employer of Choice" and keep employees.

Through "Synergy" create ideas for the participant that they can take back to work and apply immediately.

      A discussion about "Concepts"
      Visioning what is the ideal workplace?
      Positioning to become the "Employer of Choice" - Begin with the end in mind
    Step #1 - Employee Roles
      How important are "Retention Plans" and "Retention Strategies" for the employees?
      Why do people Stay? Why do people leave? Establishing job criteria, functions, and behavior.
      A discussion on employee recruitment.
      Accepting and processing job applications - Should you hire on the first interview?
      Who should be involved and there responsibilities in the hiring process.
    Step # 2 - Understanding your Employee
      What methods to use to introduce the employee to the employer, then the employer to the employee, to their team and then to their job.
      How to establish "Whatís in it for US" both "Soft Side" and "Hard Side" in the employees job.
      Establish the methods of evaluation for both the employee and the employer.
    Step # 3 - Employees Purpose and Direction
      Organizational direction - Is it important to have vision, purpose, values, and company goals?
      How do "Management Philosophy" and "Management Styles" affect the employee?
      Employee direction - How important is it, how do you establish it and then make it work?
    Step # 4 - Employee Systems Alignment
      Employee reward, recognition and awards systems.
      Establishing employee feedback/documentation systems for the employee and the employer.
      "Delight the Employee" "Delight the Customer" A "Employer of Choice Strategies" concept.
    Step # 5 - Employee Development
      What training, development, or educational experiences should your organization provide?
Shifting "Paradigms" into the 21st century - This is not a canned approach!

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