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Catapult Learning Systems, a division of Synergists, Inc. that provides training services and training kits for Problem Solving, Design of Experiments, Team Building and SPC workshops.

Quality Online, a service of Quality Magazine, serving engineers and managers responsible for test, inspection, measurement, evaluation, and documentation in manufacturing companies. It has many useful articles regarding best practices and innovations in the Quality Field.

American Customer Satisfaction Index The first measure of customer satisfaction with goods and services available in the United States adds to our understanding of the economic impact of quality. It was developed in conjunction with the University of Michigan.

A student-centered approach to elementary education, Koalaty Kid applies quality improvement principles to the classroom and school management.

ASQ administers the award for the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Registrar Accreditation Board RAB is an ASQ affiliate formed to assure the competence of third-party registrars to assess suppliers in accordance with international standards (with the American National Standards Institute). RAB also operates a program for certification of quality systems auditors.

Transformations to Quality Organizations'; This National Science Foundation program supports multidisciplinary research on quality based on partnerships between researchers and businesses or other organizations.

In 1969, ASQ began collecting the documents telling the story of quality control. These records were placed in an academic archives at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to ensure they would be available for research use.

US Standards Group on QEDS ASQ is charged with administering the standards committees on behalf of the American National Standards Institute. This site provides the latest standards news, a list of published standards, key contacts within the committees, and the status of standards under development.

Organization for Standardization (ISO Online)

Babson College Quality Gopher

Michigan Quality Council

American Productivity & Quality Center

American Society for Training and Development

Quality Engineering & Manufacturing Association

SAE Quality Improvement Committee

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