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Projects Examples
The following projects examples represent the range of software applications that are typically completed by Synergists, Inc. programmers. This is not intended to be a complete list but rather a sample to paint a picture of the experience of our staff!

Example 1
We have often taken on projects that integrate current database information systems together and to eliminate redundant data entry and at the same time add significant functionality. The following example marries a custom data collection module tied to CNC tool information to a companies QS-9000 APQP database program. To see more regarding the APQP ISI application visit ISI's site!

Example 2
The next example ties a btrieve based accounting package to a custom access database to eliminate hand keying payroll and health benefit data. The Access program updates the btrieve database dynamically. This simple access wizard interface was deliberately used to allow the customer to update and modify the program.

Example 3
The next example is from a Veneer and hardwood lumber processing customer that has been using a custom Access / VB application to track material processing for over 6 years (Starting in Access 2.0). The program also interfaces with hand held data collection devices both locally and over dial up modem connections from satellite systems.

Example 4
This example is from a 2nd Tier Automotive supplier that contracted a custom software application to handle all of their QS-9000 data collection and analysis needs except APQP functions. This program is used in three facilities and is being updated and maintained with Synergists support as well as internal resources.

Example 5
This example is from a Law office and focuses on tracking both Client and staff interactions. The system generates all required case files and government reports required for this government subsidized firm.

Example 6
This last example is perhaps the most complex in the way it is implement and managed. This customer has a nation wide system created to support outside facility maintenance services including complete site information statistics, activity tracking and billing information. The system connects remote sites and automatically replicates data and program changes across the entire network.

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