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Telephone: (517) 204-7555
FAX: (517) 333-2081
Address: 2534 Solar Way, Okemos MI 48864
Our Belief on Pricing
Custom software installations have a reputation for requiring more financing than planned to complete the project. We believe, however, that pricing custom software can be done in a way to protect customers from unforeseen hidden costs and risk and still provide us with adequate revenue to guarantee that we will stay in business and continue to provide personalized, quality products and services.

Our solution, fixed cost project quoting with hourly billing as progress is made. Fixed quotes put us at risk, instead of the you. We know that this risk diminishes with increased experience and after 18 years in computer programming, we avoid the pitfalls that drive costs up.

Our fixed cost proposals are the full cost to deliver a product that meets the set of specifications quoted. This enables you to know the cost of the work at the beginning of the project, instead of seeing estimated costs escalate throughout the development. We also charge by the hour so that we can come UNDER budget on projects. This will certainly please you and increases our future opportunity for business!

Contract Payment and Terms
Billing is typically done on a monthly basis for work completed. Terms are on receipt of the invoice. Special arrangements can be made for withholding a percentage of the total cost until final deployment plus 30 days.

Any additional changes or modifications not included in the original specifications are considered additional work and require either a separate quote or be done on a time and materials basis at our standard rates.

Time & Materials
All work done on a cost basis is billed at our standard hourly rates. Invoicing is done on a monthly basis with payment due upon receipt.

Standard Rates *
Off site custom software creation and modification.

Off site Telephone support and on line training (with PCAnywhere or similar Remote Access Software).

On site custom software creation and modification. *

On site training and technical support. **

Help file and documentation generation (if not quoted as part of project).


* Larger projects are typically priced at a reduced rate based on the contract hours involved.

** On site training rates do not include mileage and expenses which are billed at .55 / mile and cost respectively. A minimum charge of 4 hours is accessed for on site support within 100 miles of Lansing, MI. A minimum charge of 8 hours applies to support behind this area.

60 Day Warranty
Projects done to specifications on a fixed price basis include a 60 day warranty that the work performed is "bug free". During this 60 day period, if any "bugs" are discovered they will be fixed at no charge. After this time period, all support and modifications will be billed at our standard rate.

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