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Quality system assessments are referred to as first-, second- or third-party audits, depending on who conducts the audit. An internal audit conducted by one's own company is a first-party audit. Internal audits identify the need for corrective action and show the company's management how the quality system is performing. An audit of the supplier by a customer is a second-party audit. An audit conducted by an independent, properly accredited organization, such as a registrar, is a third-party audit.

The need for second- or third-party audits will vary based upon the goals of the company and customer requirements. Many customers require third-party audits as a condition of business. These third-party assessments, based on a unified standard, reduce the requirement for customers to audit each supplier independently. Registration to the standard is the goal of a third-party audit

This site offers ISO 9000 and QS-9000 internal audit services, vendor survey audits, and pre assessment audits. Audits are performed by professional auditors and auditors who work under contract for registrars.

Internal Audit Services
ISO / QS 9000 Checklist represents the services of professional auditors who perform internal audits of ISO 9000 and QS-9000 quality systems. You may request contract auditing services (all your audits done for you) or single audits. Training audits are also available where members of your audit team observe a professional auditor and are coached in audit techniques.

Pre Assessment Audits
A pre assessment audit is a complete audit of the quality system to determine readiness for a registration audit by a registrar. Pre assessment audits offered by this site are followed by a meeting with company management. Nonconformance's to the requirements of the ISO 9000 or QS-9000 standard and the company's documentation are reviewed. Pre assessment audits provided by this site include consultation on how to correct each nonconformance.

Subcontractor / Vendor Survey Audits
This site offers the services of professional auditors to perform subcontractor surveys. Subcontractor survey audits are also referred to as vendor audits and supplier audits. The ISO 9001 and 9002 standards state that a company "shall evaluate and select subcontractors on the basis of their ability to meet subcontract requirements including the quality system and any specific quality-assurance requirements." Many companies qualify their key subcontractors by performing an audit of the subcontractor's quality system. Companies that completely outsource their manufacturing may want to use the services of a professional auditor to qualify contract manufacturers

Gap Assessment
We compare and document your process against the requirements of the appropriate level of ISO 9000, QS 9000, ISO Guide 25, Malcolm Baldrige, etc. This assessment quickly determines where your system needs improvement. Formal and informal (undocumented) systems are reviewed for compliance. Audit Services Provided

We will help you develop audit schedules that best fit your organization and the maturity of your system. These schedules will vary due to changes or noncompliance's found in your system.

We start with your auditing procedure. We follow your procedure for auditing to remain in compliance. We will audit either by elements of the standard, or by departments, depending on how you have segmented your system for auditing.

If your company does not use pre-set checklists, we will use the standard and your procedures to develop a fresh checklist each time, changing the approach to keep your system strong. This is especially important because auditing is never a 100% coverage, but a significant sampling. If your company uses pre-set checklists, our auditors will frequently add to your list to vary the approach.

We will conduct a brief opening meeting to familiarize everyone with the audit objectives and put them at ease.

We will then proceed using the audit checklist to find a balance between the standard, your procedures, and your activities. We will also verify corrective action effectiveness from the last audit performed.

We will offer plenty of suggestions for improvement as the opportunities arise.

A written report will be prepared (if required) per your company procedure.

We will initiate corrective action reports in your system per your procedures.

The auditor will present the report to management, as appropriate, offering suggestions to strengthen the system.

Why might a company want to have a professional auditor perform audits for them?
Reduce the true overall cost of managing an Internal Audit Program (training cost due to auditor turnover, undetected quality problems due to unfocused / untrained auditors, etc.).

Remove the frustration of managing the audit process internally.

Obtain complete objectivity throughout the audit.

Stay abreast of changing requirements. Our auditors are on the knowledge forefront of the changes to all the standards.

Receive ample consulting as needed from our auditors during your audits.

Receive training for your internal auditors during the audits. They will shadow / follow and help conduct the audit. They will also help with the documentation of the audit. Learning the entire system and while following your procedures.

If requested, we will step up and "take the blame". Our auditors are free to clearly state a quality problem to management where it may otherwise be difficult for an employee to do so.

Keep your Quality System strong through systematic internal quality audits.

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